TRUCK-A-FLOAT...a floating, sustainable living camp adventure!

Moored at Marina 59 in Far Rockaway, the TRUCK-A-FLOAT project currently buoys in the waters of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, across from the runways of JFK airport, in an urban enclave a few blocks from Rockaway Beaches.

The TRUCK-A-FLOAT camp is composed of four unique floating eco-pods constructed of wood and white roofing panels, each crowned with a distinctive reused truck cap to provide shelter and shade. Each pod has a sleeping platform with a full size cot, storage areas, and a compact flip table that opens out.

Our flotilla of four pods are paired sharing a common platform: HORSESHOE and DIAMONDBACK on one slip and SWAN and BARNACLE on the opposite slip.

TRUCK-A-FLOAT pods have been created as a sort of urban critter using a “by-product” of the truck culture, inspired somewhat by the unique urban fauna characteristic of the marine environment. As a pilot project, TRUCK-A-FLOAT is the first exploration of building TRUCK-A-PODS that we envision being able to be docked, afloat on a lake, up in a tree or somewhere on land.



TRUCK-A-FLOAT is possible thanks to two amazing Rockaway lovers, innovators and entrepreneurs. They planted the seed in Mateo and Carolina of Combo Colab to take part in this adventure and make the magic happen!

In Spring 2012 the restless souls behind this project began meeting and exploring ideas of building floating quarters for themselves and to share the allure of waking-up on the water.

Going through a sizable amount of research on things that float and things that rock, Mateo and Carolina came upon the idea of reusing pick-up truck caps to provide the shadow and ventilation needed for their compact floating pods. A process of “fishing” for caps and empty drums became the quest of these two as the pods started to take shape. The rest is just elbow grease and pure love! And… lots of tireless help from friends and workers! Thank you all!