Our project is an adventure and as so there is a dose of surprise, a slice of excitement and a measure of adversity included. We recommend that you prepare yourself for a unique urban camping experience. Below you will find the list of things we will provide for your time afloat with us and a few things we suggest you bring… Please do reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


  • Upon your arrival you will get a remote to have access to the marina as needed. We will also give you the combination to the lock of the pod where you will stay. This lock is your responsibly and as with the remote just mentioned, please take good care of them unless you are willing to sleep on the docks. 
  • Sheets and a light cotton blanket.
  • Each Pod has a foldable full size mattress with two pillows for a maximum of two people. Young children as a third person are allowed as long as you are willing to all squeeze in. Every bed has mosquito netting.
  • Pods are equipped with some storage space and a cooler for you to use.
  • Each Pod has a flip down table in there you will find all your morning coffee provision: coffee beans, grinder, kettle, drip cone, paper filters, basic condiments, cups, cutting board, a knife,  and some handy utensils. 
  • Bathrooms with hot shower are provided and serviced by the marina on land.
  • Vests for children 12 and under that need to be used at all times. Upon request.
  • A truck-a-manual for all the pods essentials.


  • Towels.
  • Layers. The temperature can drop at night and it is always a few degrees cooler on the marina than it is in the city. 
  • Insect repellent.
  • Anything and everything you may find necessary to have an amazing time afloat. Call it a book, a bottle of bourbon or whatever you feel like.

There is a small supermarket right next door of the Marina that has basic goods, and you are just a few minutes bike ride from the most amazing food and beaches one can find in the NYC universe!